Our Judo program for both beginners and advanced levels is held at the Yates Field House at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. ¬†Class instruction is available to males and females regardless of age or experience. The class emphasizes individual mastery of the techniques of breaking one’s fall, maintaining balance, developing skill, coordination, strength, and speed as a necessary foundation for the study of throwing, holding, and allied techniques.

The course is taught by World Class instructors and competitors including James Takemori (9th Dan), Tsuyoshi Miyazaki (8th Dan), Yoshi Komori (6th Dan), Tad Nalls (6th Dan) and Fran Vall (6th Dan).¬† Included in the beginner’s class is a basic course in self-defense.

Sensei James Takemori turned 88 in 2014 – Read his life story